BeyondFit Studio is a fully equipped Pilates, Barre, and Yoga studio located in downtown Warwick, NY.

If you are looking for mindful fitness in a beautiful gym with experienced instructors then BeyondFit Studio is where you want to be.



Pilates is a gentle, yet effective, exercise plan that strengthens, stretches & balances the body’s muscle groups. Benefits include increased muscle tone, flexibility, coordination & lung capacity. All Pilates equipment is state-of-the-art.



BeyondBarre is a true body sculpting, fat burning workout - Each exercise is thoughtfully and purposefully placed in the class exercise order to optimize the ability to burn fat, sculpt the body, and build long, lean muscles.



An ancient practice that works to move the body fluidly, improve balance, boost brain health & add strength & flexibility. You'll experience a blend of yin & yang as you lengthen & flow through yoga sequences, stretches & poses.