Our clients keep coming back because our classes always combine fitness and fun. And they’ll get more of both if you occasionally add a little variety to your class. One way to do that is to incorporate the bands into your workout. Bring out the bands and tell everyone that today’s class is going to focus on the Resistance. Then put the bands to use.  Your client will enjoy the new challenge, and you can use the bands to get them refocused on finding resistance within their bodies. Here are a few ideas for incorporating the Bands into your next BeyondBarre class:   Band in the hands during warm-up Element for High Knees – press out on the bands Small Jumps   Band around the barre for the Weights Element Tricep Press Shaving Hug (arms low) Archer Bicep Curl   Band under feet and held in hands for the Weights Element Lower Lift Side Bicep Curl   If you have a super strong class use… Cuffed Bands around the ankles during BB GlideBoard work High Lunge Series with cuffed bands High Lunge Series with a resistance band under the front standing foot on the floor. Lower Lift or Bicep Curl while Lunging.   Bands around the ankles Mid Barre Leg Isolations Attitude Back, Attitude Pulses, Attitude Circles, Hydrant, Hydrant Pulses   Band around the ankles for Leg Series for Low Barre Beats Attitude, Attitude Pulses, Circles, Out and In   Bans under the feet and in the hands for Floor Work Abdominal Work Table Work Floor Barre Work   Band in the hands during Wrap-up Balance   Add an extra challenge and have fun with the bands in your next BeyondBarre class!]]>