BeyondBarre Basics Manual Changes

A reminder about the new terms used in BeyondBarre… With the latest manual revision I wanted to create more logical nomenclature for the BeyondBarre Progressions, which would in turn make choreographing the workouts simpler to follow and create. After much consideration the name of the 8 segments of the BeyondBarre workout has been changed to BeyondBarre “Elements” from “Progressions”.  The 8 new Element titles for the BeyondBarre Basics education level are as follows:  

  1. Warm-up
  2. Weights
  3. GlideBoard
  4. High Barre – formerly known as Standing Barre
  5. Mid Barre – formerly known as Mid-Level Barre
  6. Low Barre – formerly known as Low Barre
  7. Floor Work – formerly known as Mat Work
  • – Abdominal Work
  • – Rolling Work
  • – Center Work
8.   Wrap-up  – formerly known as Ending   In addition to changing the name Progressions to Elements, the Guide Techniques have also been simplified.  The new Guide Techniques are as follows:  
  1. Visual Guide – The instructor may choose to have the clients guide their own body into the correct position.  Having the client look down at their own positioning or look into a mirror to see their positioning can do this.
  2. Touch Guide  – The instructor physically guides the client into a proper position or movement.
  3. Surround Guide – Without touching the client, the instructor uses their hands to restrict the client’s movement and so creates the limits for the movement.

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