Curtsey, please!

There is a lot of weight shifting and movement in BeyondBarre. This is done when moving from one foot to the other, one position to another, or when lifting up onto the toes. Making sure you have a strong core connection is important, but also knowing where the weight is being distributed is essential as well. During the Warm-Up, the Curtsey is a great way to increase the heart rate and heat up the body fast. However, if it is done wrong it is a lot of pressure on the knees. Cue the knees to be over the toes, and most importantly even weight on both feet. Having the pelvis directly between the legs while they are bending will be relieving any pressure from the knee joints and the work will be put in the right place. The inner and outer thighs will be working harder without all the pain and discomfort. When moving to the other leg or side having the weight on both legs evenly will help with the transition. Remember proper positioning will help you sculpt your body faster and in the right alignment!]]>