I wish I was a little bit taller

 One of the goals of BeyondBarre is to make muscles leaner and longer. That sometimes means clients must focus less on the physical effort required to do an exercise and more on getting the maximum muscle extension with each repetition. A good way to do that is to make sure each client is tuned into their posture during a class. I find that during a class it’s not uncommon for a client’s posture to begin to sag, causing them to lose proper alignment. That’s when I like to say “grow two inches taller.” This cue gets the client to focus on all of the important areas to lengthen –legs, hip flexors; spine and abdominals (think create space between the hips and ribs) — that make them stand straight. Also, when clients are extending arms and legs in class, have them imagine their limbs are rooted into the joint. Then I tell them to stretch as though making themselves taller, or making their arms and legs longer.       ]]>