Lift it!

BeyondBarre exercises at the barre are designed to lift the seat and sculpt the legs. But they must be done properly to produce the fastest and most effective results.   For example, when exercising one leg at a time during the standing barre, the client’s often thinks that because the standing leg isn’t moving, it doesn’t need to be working. So they allow the standing leg to relax, and when that happens it sinks into the hip. This causes both hips to be uneven because the standing leg won’t be rooted in the hip socket.   So if you see the hip is sinking to one side, use the verbal cue “lift from underneath the seat of the standing leg.” This automatically gets the client using the hamstrings and gluts, and that gets the standing leg working harder. It also helps for the client to imagining that both legs are on terra firma. So I like to use the verbal cue, “Work as if both legs are on the ground.”]]>