Want a healthy start to your mornings? Try a big glass of water with lemon and sea salt. It’s easy to make, just…(COLLEEN — HOW MUCH FRESH-SQUEEZED LEMON AND HOW MUCH SEA SALT IN HOW MUCH WATER?) This drink is good for you for lots of reasons. It helps replenish needed electrolytes in your body. Lemons contain Vitamin C, an antioxidant which helps repair damaged cells, decrease inflammation, and boosts the immune system. Sea salt, unlike ordinary table salt, includes many of the minerals and elements your body needs. My favorite is Himalayan sea salt. It has more of those natural minerals and elements — 84 of them — than any other of the sea salts. (Note: If you are on a low-salt diet, be aware that table salt and sea salt have the same amount of sodium.)    ]]>