The “Get the Sweat Out!” 20-Minute Workout

DOWNLOAD: The “Get the Sweat Out” 20-MINUTE WORKOUT!

This Mini Workout from BeyondBarre takes only about 20 minutes.

But when it’s over you’ll feel… your muscles burning… your heart pumping…. and… yes…for sure… sweaty…

But you will also feel absolutely amazing!

However, once you’ve finished the workout, there’s still one more tough challenge — the task of washing those sweaty workout clothes so they end up sparkling clean and smelling as fresh as a sunny, springtime, morning. No worries, we can help. The Laundress (, a company with an eco-friendly line of detergent, fabric care, and home-cleaning products, has sent us some superb clothes-washing tips that will get those odor-challenged workout outfits clean and smelling fresh like never before. The tips are great, so I hope you’ll give them a try. Your workout clothes and your nose will surely thank you. Get the Sweat Out! Don’t be fooled by this mini BeyondBarre workout. Although it may only take 20 minutes you will be sure to sweat! But no worries we will share with you tips from The Laundress on how to keep your fitness apparel clean and smelling fresh and ready for the next sweat session!

DOWNLOAD: The “Get the Sweat Out” 20-MINUTE WORKOUT!