Why Stretch?

stretch   More Energy – Stretching increases blood flow to the muscles and oxygen to the brain, giving you an extra energy boost. If you get drowsy while working at your desk, take a minute to stretch. It’s a quick and non-caffeinated way to clean out those brain-cobwebs.   Improved Mobility– Stretching allows the joints to move freely. If the muscles are limber around the joints, they will be able to perform optimally with full range of motion.   Enhanced Balance – Stretching improves the health of the muscles overall. Effective muscle engagement is a must for good balance.   Better Circulation – Stretching improved circulation by increasing blood flow to the muscles. Reduced Stress – When the joints move freely with a full range of motion, there is less stress on areas that are tight or limited in movement. This helps reduce injury to the body overall.   Diminished Pain – Working out has been proven to increase pain tolerance.   PLUS: IT FEELS GOOD!]]>