Anchors Aweigh

A lot of BeyondBarre exercises are designed to isolate specific muscles and limbs. You work only one side of the body, then switch and work only the other side. But that doesn’t mean the non-working side of your body should be totally relaxed while the working side is busy getting long and strong. If you do the exercise correctly, even the non-working side gets a work out.    For example, when dong the Seated Barre Progression, where you concentrate on one leg — the working leg — during the exercise, it becomes easy to ignore the other one — the non-working leg. But to get the maximum benefit from the workout, you need to involve and exercise the non-working leg, too. So when doing the Battement with the working leg, make sure the non-working leg is anchored in place so it can’t move. You do that by rooting the non-working leg into your hip socket; extending the leg long, while pressing the leg down into the floor and hugging the mid-line. The non-working leg will get a work out as it help to stabilize you as the right leg kicks]]>