Rock Steady

It can be challenging to stabilize one side of the body while the other is active, especially for those new to BeyondBarre. For example, when doing an exercise that involves rotating the torso, the opposite shoulder often tends to round forward. But to get the maximum benefit from this exercise, the action of twisting needs to come from the spine — not the shoulders. To help your client to do this correctly, take your hands on your client’s shoulder blades and encourage them to roll their shoulder back away from your hands. This will create stability in the shoulder girdle muscles and also increase the client’s overall spinal flexibility without compromising alignment.  During the Mat Work Progression, the Shoulder Bridge is a great exercise to see any hip instability. When one leg is lifted, place a hand on the opposite knee of your client. Tell them to press into your hand, which will bring the standing leg in towards the midline. This prevents that leg from flaring out to the side, and helps stabilize the hips.]]>