Change Up the Challenge

Here is a quick checklist to change up your classes and also to target certain muscles throughout the class. Choose from each category and discover different ways to challenge your clients. Once you decide how the class will go, get creative!

For example, if you decide to teach a slower paced class, emphasizing the technique of the ballet-based exercises, as well as targeting the arm muscles, include the light weights throughout the entire workout. Put the arms in the traditional ballet positions with one hand on the barre and the other holding weight will increase the difficulty of the exercise and will work the arms even more.

Another example of targeting a muscle group would be to add the ball and bands to any leg work being done to increase the challenge and difficulty of the exercise. There are many ways to do this, so have fun and use your Creativity Tools!



Target Areas

Slow Ballet-based Arms and shoulders
Moderate Fitness-based Legs and gluts
Upbeat Stretch emphasized Abdominals