Its Hip to be Square!

Gliding on the BeyondBarre Glide Board can seem a lot like ice skating, which is a lot of fun and a great way to burn calories. However, both techniques are very different.

On the Glide Board the hips and shoulders should always be facing straight ahead, and never swaying side to side (unless you are intentionally adding in rotation). This “figure-8” action will cause you to glide diagonally right off the board.

Cue the clients to have “square hips and shoulders,” and “to keep their box square” as well. This will keep the clients legs parallel, which will put the clients into proper position. After you get the client “square,” cue them to almost stop themselves at the bumper to avoid any crashing and over use of the outer thighs. Remind them that the inner thighs should be working just as hard.