Don’t pass up the Passé!

Don’t pass up the Passé! This exercise is great for hip mobility and stability. It is also an exercise that can, when done incorrectly, ask too much of the hip flexors, causing tightness and discomfort.

Have the clients do a Self Guide to find the correct Passé position. Tell them to bend the knee, hold underneath the crease of the knee and lift it up to 90° and to the side with the foot hanging. Let the weight of the leg/knee be held by the client’s hand. This will let the hip flexors relax , taking the effort out of them, letting the hips come into the proper position with both hip bones on the same plane and no hiking!

Once this is achieved have the clients point their foot to the opposite knee and hold the position they have found. The client will then have a Passé in the proper position with no discomfort!