Work in opposition!

As your clients are exercising, cue them to stabilize their “non-working side.” For example, when doing the Battement exercise on the right leg, use cues like “stand strong on the left leg,” or “pull the left hip back” in order to stabilize the hips and torso.

To do this, clients need to engage their abdominals and inner thighs and that will allow freer range of motion in the limbs. Another place to work in opposition is in the Weight Progression. When adding rotation into exercises like the Hug, make sure to cue the opposite shoulder to “plug back” into the socket in order to maintain the shoulder girdle connection.

Lastly, try including an extension cue while performing opposition in the Cross Side abdominal exercise. It will increase length in the torso and hip flexors during the crossing action. I like to say, “Lengthen the right ribs away from the left hip bone.”