GlideBoard Technique

Clients love using the BeyondBarre GlideBoard because the side-to-side gliding motion feels a lot like ice-skating. But the gliding motion isn’t just fun, it also ramps up the cardio in no time. And the inner and outer thighs get a great burn, too. However, for the thighs to get the best possible workout, you’ll want to make sure your clients are using the proper technique. That means both feet need to stay on the gliding surface at all times — no lifting of the sliding leg unless the specific exercise calls for it. A great imagery cue here is to tell the client to imagine they are scraping gum off the bottom of their feet. That image will help the client keep the sliding foot on the surface of the board. The result is more resistance for the sliding leg, and that makes the abductors and adductors work harder.]]>