Guide Technique: Shift Center

Leg Isolations Series of the Mid Barre Element, the client will often shift their weight to the standing leg. But for the exercise to be most effective, the weight needs to be centered.  Have your clients imagine they are standing on both legs. To help center the weight, position yourself alongside the client’s standing leg and place a hand above the clients hip on the standing leg. Have the client lift the hip of the standing leg up to meet your hand.  At the same time cue the client to energizing the leg muscles.  Rooting the leg into the floor while lifting through the hip helps to find opposition and stability in the standing leg. The cue “lift the hip and work as if both legs are on the ground” is one that often helps.  Once the client is in the optimal position, the work becomes evenly distributed and the standing leg as well as the elevated leg is working efficiently. ]]>