In Class: Ball

ball into your workout. Bring out the ball and tell everyone that today’s class is going to focus on the Midline Connection. Then put the ball to use in each exercise. Your client will enjoy the new challenge, and you can use the ball to get them refocused on finding their midline connection. Here are a few ideas for incorporating the Ball into your next BeyondBarre class. Ball between the Thighs for:

  •           Breathing
  •           Head Isolations
  •           Shoulder Isolations
  •           Wrist isolations
  •           Rib Isolations
  •           Hip Isolations
Ball in the hands for:
  •           Ankle Isolations
Ball between the Thighs for:
  •           Roll Down
Ball between the Hands for:
  •           High Knees
  •           Small Jumps
Ball off to the side for:
  •           Down and Out
  •           Mountain Climber
Ball between the Thighs for:
  •           Weights
  •           Alternate the arms with pulses on the Ball to work the Inner Thighs
Ball between the Thighs for Parallel Hip Width and First Position in High Barre Ball behind the leg for Leg Isolations in Mid Barre:
  •           Knee to Knee, Hamstring Lifts, Hydrant and Circles work best
Ball under the extended leg in One Leg Series for Low Barre Ball behind the back or in the hands for Abdominal Work for Floor Work Ball between the knees during Rolling Work in Floor Work Ball in the hands during Center work in Floor Work Ball in the hands during Wrap-up:
  •           Jumps in Center
  •           Balance

Add an extra challenge and have fun with the ball as a prop in your next BeyondBarre class!