LifeJuice and BeyondBarre

Hi All,

My name is Ety Salamone, founder of Life Juice and the Life Juice Meal plan. Together, Colleen and I collaborated on a 45 day Challenge that incorporated her creation, Beyond Barre and my Life Juice to inspire 20 men and women to tone up, loose weight and feel absolutely wonderful about themselves!! We succeeded and our plan works!!I have a meal plan as well as an interactive iphone app coming out within the next couple of months. I would love to contribute healthy tips and recipes to the Beyond Barre Connections page . I have attached some information about me and and my company that may be useful!!I currently sell Life Juice online at I am also launching on National Television on QVC this spring as well as Gourmet Retail markets in the NE. Here at LIFE JUICE® we believe a healthy lifestyle is the foundation for a healthy mind and body. We make it easy to live that lifestyle with our specially formulated juice cleanses, fresh juices, and detox salt baths. At LIFE JUICE®, we believe in the fruits, vegetables and philosophy behind every drop of our products. The stream of consciousness in our logo represents our life philosophy and the products that we provide aid in fulfilling our goal to lead healthy, eco-friendly lives – lives that are sustained by whole foods and vitamins retrieved straight from the earth. LIFE JUICE® started as a juice cleanse company devoted to sharing the benefits of juice cleansing with the world. Realizing that a delicious, nutritious pre-cleanse diet, post cleanse diet and regular maintenance are important parts of any juice cleansing program, we created tasty, wholesome juices packed with nutrients and antioxidants. So let’s all drink LIFE JUICE® and live life to its healthiest potential. In Good Health, Ety Salamone Founder, LIFE JUICE® 1.917.502.6801 1.877.33.JUICE Please “Like” Life Juice on Facebook for updates on health and great recipes! click  ]]>