Lunges at the Barre

In BeyondBarre class we love lunges at the barre! Lunges are one of the best ways to tone lower half of the body while increasing core strength and hip mobility. Action: Stand tall with the feet parallel inner hip with apart and a forearm’s distance from the barre. Step the left foot back and bend the right knee lowering the left knee towards the floor. Press up through the legs and return to standing with both feet in the starting position. Cue: Create a 90-degree angle with both the front and back legs when lunging. Modification: Smaller range of motion. Bend the knees to a lesser degree. Variation #1: Pulses: Add small pulses up and down while in the lung position. Variation #2: Tap In & Out: Tap the left foot in to meet the right foot. Extend the left leg back out behind. Repeat lunges-barre    ]]>