Get the Sweat Out! 20 Minute At Home Body-Sculpting Workout

Can’t make it to BeyondBarre class today? Then try this BeyondBarre “Get the Sweat Out” At Home total body 20-MINUTE WORKOUT!

This BeyondBarre Mini Workout takes only about 20 minutes, but when it’s over you’ll feel…

  • Your muscles burning…
  • Your heart pumping…
  • And… yes…for sure… sweaty!

But you will also feel absolutely amazing!

PDF Download link: BeyondBarre_20-MinWorkout

Once you’ve finished the workout, there’s one more tough challenge – the task of washing those sweaty workout clothes so they end up sparkling clean and smelling as fresh as a springtime morning. No worries, we found the perfect solution!

The Laundress (, a company with an eco-friendly line of sport detergent, fabric care, and home-cleaning products, has sent us some superb clothes-washing tips that will get those odor-challenged workout outfits clean and smelling fresh like never before! Visit their website for get-the-sweat-out laundry tips.
Your workout clothes and your nose will surely thank you!

Yours in Fitness,

Colleen Ketchum
Creator of BeyondBarre