No Extra Flare Needed

Sometimes when class participants try to stand up taller, the rib cage flares and the chin is lifted. This is something that is done since childhood when trying to look taller, bigger, and older than you actually are at the time. Using the cue “grow taller” will certainly get the class in a more lifted place, but be aware that other things may occur and get out of place when cuing. If you see someone with their rib cage popping out to the front, guide the ribs back to center by placing your hands on the ribs and mid-back and tell the client to draw the ribs center. The front hand will move with the contracting ribs and the hand in back will make sure they do not collapse too far towards the spine. If the chin is lifted, place a hand at the base of the neck and tell the client to lengthen through the back of the neck while your hand slides up towards the occipital ridge. These guides will put the person in an alignment that is correct.]]>