TECHNIQUE: Ballet Positions

First position:

Stand with heels together and feet turned out to make a “pizza slice” shape. Lengthen the spine, lifting through the top of your head to the bottom of your tailbone. Arms are rounded and in front of the body.

Second position:

Stand with your heels shoulder width apart. Feet and legs turned out. Open arms to the sides and parallel with the ground.

Third position (modified fifth):

Stand with one heel touching the arch of the inside of the opposite foot. Keep both feet turned out. The heel should be placed midway between the heel and toe of the opposite foot. Third, fourth, and fifth position have right and left sides.

Fourth position:

From third position, slide the front foot forward until it is one foot-length from the toes of your back foot. The heel of the front foot is directly in-line with the toes of the back foot. Both legs remain turned out from the upper inner thighs.

Fifth position:

From Fourth position slide the front foot back to touch the heel to the toes of the back foot. The feet remain turned out from the upper inner thighs.