The Booty is Hot, Squeezing It is Not

Everyone in the world of fitness and Barre knows that the booty is hot. Our clients scream for workouts that will shape their backsides. And no matter if your clients want a bum that’s bigger, smaller, lifted, or rounded, BeyondBarre works to deliver their desired results. Unlike many other exercise programs, BeyondBarre keeps the tuck out of the workout. Indeed, during classes, I’m often saying, “Get the tuck out.” That’s because clients won’t get the buns of their dreams if they continually squeeze the glutes while performing an anterior pelvic tilt (tucking the tailbone under). Squeezing your derriere puts pressure on the lumbar spine, forcing the femoral head into the acetabulum and impinges the scaroilliac joint. That can result in an achy back and sore hips. Yet many programs advocate just such an exercise regimen. In addition, if the “tuck” position is continually worked at the barre, the quads can become overbuilt compared to the hamstrings and that can tighten the hip flexors. So the exercise class that was suppose to be sculpting your clients legs is instead making them out of proportion. You don’t have to actively squeeze your glutes to strengthen them. What you need to do is exercise the muscles that work the primary and secondary muscle groups. Simply squeezing the glutes will not create a rounded, lifted backside. You must use exercises that allow the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus to work while at the same time working the entire body. In BeyondBarre, the glutes are allowed to engage naturally through movement. And when the glutes are employed during an exercise, they are allowed to work but are not intentionally clinched. One of the many wonderful benefits of the BeyondBarre program is that it’s a full body exercise that targets the glutes by letting the glutes do their job. We use plies, lateral side-to-side skating on the GlideBoard, and back attitudes to name just a few exercises that target the backside. One more simply and easy way to a shapely booty — Get out of your chair. Sitting on the glutes for extended periods of time may cause them to atrophy. If you have to sit be sure to get up and walk around for a few minutes every hour or so… adding a few squats, plies and lunges will help too. ]]>