The Most Important Meal of the Day Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! We’ve all heard this. And guess what? It’s true! After sleeping all night, you need to wake up and “break your fast”, thus Break-fast. Eating breakfast allows you to refuel, get your metabolism going, and start your day the right way. Breakfast can be anything you choose, just try and make it nutritious! Today I woke up and decided to make one of my favorite sweet and simple breakfasts. A past roommate of mine used to make it and I quickly became a big fan and I hope you do too! Ingredients: Plain fat-free yogurt (Greek is best, in my opinion!) Apple Cooking Spray Cinnamon Water Directions: Core apple and cut into bite sized pieces. Lightly spray pan with cooking spray and cook apples on medium heat, stirring frequently. Sprinkle cinnamon onto apples while cooking (the amount is to your liking). Add about 1/4 cup of water and let the water and cinnamon thicken to a syrupy consistency. While apples are cooking, add a serving of yogurt to a bowl. Once water has reduced, add apples to the bowl with the yogurt, stir, and enjoy. Notes: You can also add a little dried cereal for a more filling breakfast and parfait option. Use a plain yogurt- when heated, apples turn very sweet and will sweeten your yogurt. The amount of water can be tweaked to your liking… the more water you use, the longer the apples will cook, and the softer they will become. You can also use pears, which are just as delicious! -Michelle DuVall ]]>

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