Keep it simple

Choreographing can be a daunting task, especially for new instructors. I like to keep it simple, but effective enough that you still get a great workout! Start your week off with a workout that has been pre-choreographed. Throughout the week keep the skeleton of the workout but change a few rhythms every day. This will allow your clients to improve on exercises throughout the week without getting complicated. Switching up rhythms for the same exercise can change the entire workout. I have been dancing for many years and if I can’t make a plié different every time it is done, then I would be a very bored person. Knowing this as an instructor, I can concentrate on the details of the workout, change the counts and rhythms, and not have a class yawning for 60 minutes. This can also be a great tool for new instructors to get comfortable teaching, being creative, and teaching a challenging workout without getting confusing. Keep it simple! -Michelle DuVall (Co-creator of BeyondBarre) ]]>