On this cold day in NY, I jumped on my BeyondBarre GlideBoard and did a quick 5-minute body sculpting, cardio workout! Grab your GlideBoard and work out with me! You definitely won’t feel cold when you’re finished!  – Colleen Ketchum

Benefits of the BeyondBarre GlideBoard and Cardio BarreSkate It’s not often that you can get fit while having fun at the same time. But that’s exactly what happens when you use the BeyondBarre GlideBoard! The BeyondBarre GlideBoard has a slippery plastic surface that allows you to slide back and forth from one end of the board […]

While Elaine shared the latest swim looks and how to style them I offered customers swimsuit inspired workouts to get them ready for their bathing suit debut! Check out a few of the moves below. Goddess Arm Plies (Beyond Barre: works arms & thighs)…

Pilates In Motion Owner and BeyondBarre Creator, Colleen Ketchum, tells Family Circle one of her habits to stay slim & keep her family healthy!

DATE/TIME: Class offered daily INSTRUCTOR: Jenny Gillan FE Reporter: Melissa Brading Beyond Barre When I walked in to class, Jenny the instructor introduced herself to me before the class and it turned out she was also a dancer, so I was happy about that. I went upstairs and she had a spot ready for me with […]

Barre as a workout technique is taking the world of fitness by storm—and with good reason. Not only does a barre workout help you maintain good balance and posture, it also has the potential to help you burn off those extra pounds. We give you the low-down on what makes barre such a hot favorite across the country…